Tongliang Liu

Grants Page

Grants Summary

  • Australian Research Council (ARC) funding awarded:

    • Lead Chief Investigator (CI): 1 FF, 1 DECRA, and 1 DP
    • Co-Chief Investigator (Co-CI): 1 DP and 1 Training Centre

  • Total funding awarded as lead: ~4.5 M Australian Dollars

Representative Grants

  • ARC Future Fellowship 2023-2027, lead CI
    Modelling Adversarial Noise for Trustworthy Data Analytics

  • ARC Discovery Project Grant 2022-2024, lead CI
    Transfer Learning Handling Causally Bilateral Shift

  • ARC DECRA Fellowship 2019-2021, lead CI
    Feature-Dependent Label Noise Learning for Big Data Analytics

  • ARC Discovery Project Grant 2018-2020, Co-CI
    Streaming Label Learning for Leaching Knowledge from Labels on the Fly

  • ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre 2020-2025, Co-CI
    Data Analytics for Resources and Environment

  • Faculty of Engineering Early Career Researcher Development Scheme 2020-2021, lead CI
    Algorithmic Hypothesis Complexity of Deep Learning Algorithms

  • RIKEN Collaborative Research Fund 2022, lead CI
    Development of Trustworthy Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Industrial grant ( 2022-2025, lead CI
    JD-USYD Joint AI program

  • Industrial grant (ZhanDa) 2021-2023, lead CI
    Outdoor Image Processing with Noisy Supervision Information

  • Industrial grant (Meituan) 2021, lead CI
    Weakly supervised or unsupervised machine learning algorithms for UAV image analysis